About Freeman Farms


We have transformed an ex-state house on a quarter acre block into a thriving urban farm in only 2 years.

Growing over 25 types of fruit and vegetables that are sold at the Farmers Market every Sunday, we hope this is an inspirational example of what’s possible in any backyard with productive techniques, organic inputs, creativity and a supportive local community. 

Featuring 50 highly productive five-metre vegetable beds, seeding area, seedling nursery, hot house, espaliered fruit trees, chooks, ducks, bees, berries, mushrooms, composting and a worm farm, we (Carl, Kati and River) are experimenting with a new take on the original “quarter acre dream” in the middle of New Plymouth.

We love growing delicious spray-free vegetables and fruit using organic practices. We look forward to meeting you at the Taranaki Farmers Market on Sunday or packing you a deliciously fresh veg box on a Tuesday.

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Carl, Kati and River Freeman



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