Don't waste life - Living 'Plastic Free' in New Plymouth by Carl Freeman

Last year we hosted the Hannah and Liam on their epic ‘Rubbish Trip’ where they are giving free workshops around NZ and making specific resources to help people live waste free lives. They will be back in Taranaki this September if you want to book them to talk at your local school or for your workplace.

Here is the extensive list they made for Taranaki:

And have a look at this inspirational movie of a happy family making ethical decisions. Could this be you?

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NZ Urban Farming on The Project, RNZ and in Stuff by Carl Freeman

Wow! Yesterday our Urban Farm that is in New Plymouth got caught in an unexpected media storm. First we were featured in the local paper and then RNZ and The Project got in contact.

Hopefully we have inspired some people to start growing.

Here are all the links!

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Complete the Taranaki local produce survey and win a $30 veg box. by Carl Freeman

Here at Freeman Farms we're looking at options for expanding, so we can grow more delicious organic vegetables for the people of Taranaki. We also hope to be able to create a new business model that other farmers can replicate, growing the next wave of sustainable food production in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

If you live in New Plymouth or surrounding areas we would really appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey to help shape a new direction for sustainably grown vegetables in Taranaki.

If you provide your name and email/phone number at the end of this survey (for entry purposes only) you'll go in the draw to win one of two $30 boxes of delicious fresh veges from our urban farms.

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Taranaki 2050 Video - The Roadmap Explained by Carl Freeman

These are exciting times for Taranaki, and I'm looking forward to talking with you all about it on Sunday at the Farmers Market. 

We were part of creating this vision for Taranaki through the Food and Fibre working group and I think it gives us a clear mandate to keep taking bold steps to grow the local food scene here in Taranaki.

Thanks for supporting local food and we are looking forward to creating a fun and sustainable future with you.

Online resources for aspiring green thumbed entrepreneurs. by Carl Freeman

There is a global renaissance of market gardening and regenerative agriculture.

So much information is being freely shared, new tools being created and people being inspired. It is an exciting time!

Here at Freeman Farms we are making big plans for the future and hope to be providing many more jobs to those who want to grow food while healing the earth. There are also many other growers who have bought land and are starting the journey.

So there will be many jobs coming soon.

I have had chats to so many people who are wanting to transition away from their current jobs and start growing food. Here are some links as to where to start. I would give the advice to not start your own enterprise in any big way until you have digested all of these and spent some time volunteering or working on other peoples farms. And make sure you talk to all your local farmers before you just jump in, on the whole everyone will be very open and supportive of new growers. As a general rule I would also give the advice it’s probably better to work for someone else than to start your own business, you get all the nice aspects without all the boring business parts.

Anyways, here are my recommended links:

Videos to watch at night and in winter:

Richard Perkins:

Neversink Farm:

Curtis Stone:

In the Field Consultants:

Podcast to listen to in the car and garden:

Books to read:

So many, you can start here, Lean Farming is a very important thing to get your head around and read Koanga for NZ conditions.

Courses to take:

And stay tuned to our MAILING LIST for future classes.

Happy farming everyone. And remember we run an internship and will be running more courses and tours in the future. Join our mailing list to stay tuned.