Farmer Carl's Pasta Sauce / by Carl Freeman

A top Italian chef in Melbourne once told me that the secret to most great meals is a base of onion, carrot and celery. That night I went home and was inspired to pimp up my spaghetti sauce. 

Unfortunately I didn't have and celery or carrots in the garden, but I did have lots of parsley. So I grabbed a very generous amount and headed for the kitchen. This is the very simple recipe I created and that I have kept cooking ever since. You'll be surprised at the flavour parsley brings to the sauce. 

1) Chop one large onion and fry it in a deep frypan or saucepan in some oil or ghee until it is golden brown.

2) Add one can of organic diced tomatoes (or bottled preserved tomatoes if you've made the best of your Summer bounty) and 1 cup of water (rinse the tomato can/bottle so you can capture every last drop of that tomato goodness.) 

3) Thinly dice a generous bunch of parsley from stem to leaf (i.e. use the whole lot, there's lots of flavour in the stalk) and throw it all in to the pan. 

4) Add a good pinch of salt, some pepper, and some fresh finely chopped chilli. olives or thyme if you have those ingredients lying around.

5) Simmer for 15 minutes to reduce the sauce and deepen the flavours. Then pour over plates of freshly cooked pasta and top with grated cheese and pepper. 

Easy as that! A tasty and quick meal with just a handful of ingredients.

We are aiming to have parsley available throughout most of the year at the Farmers Market, and will have tasty fresh tomatoes in Summer.