Taranaki garlic shoots - the real healthy option for the garlic gap / by Carl Freeman

garlic shoots.jpg

Any garlic bulbs you buy between Sept-Nov will be imported from the other side of the world. It is just the reality of how garlic grows, you can’t have garlic bulbs all year round. The imported stuff has likely been fumigated with methyl bromide, is often bleached and if not organic then will still have residual harmful chemicals from the fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. YIKES!

But you can have local garlic all year round with garlic shoots (pictured above) filling the gap when you can’t get NZ garlic, so we can all breath a long garlicky sigh of relief. If you are anything like me you probably use garlic daily in your cooking, and garlic shoots are a perfect solution to fill the garlic gap.

Garlic sprouts are harvested by pulling the whole plant from the soil, they are then washed and the roots trimmed and are now ready for use. We will be selling a bunch of garlic shoots for $5. Each garlic shoot is equivalent to about 2 large cloves, so you will be able to keep the flavour in your dishes while also staying healthy. Just dice one up and throw it into any dish the same as you would a garlic clove. They also last really well in the fridge, no big hurry to use them.

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And of course, come visit us at the Taranaki Farmers Market on Sunday and try them for yourself!