My idea to ‘hyper localise’ how food is produced + consumed / by Carl Freeman

Hi farm friends,

My idea to ‘hyper localise’ how food is produced and consumed has been accepted into the final 5 of Idea Summit Taranaki.

Here is the ‘pitch’ I did last Friday, if you are excited by the idea and/or have some skills or info that might make this idea into a reality please be in contact.

Thanks for your support over the last two years to get us to this stage.

I want to ‘hyper localise’ how food is produced and consumed.

Just like Uber disrupted an industry by empowering individuals, activating idle resources (cars) and ultimately providing a new level of customer convenience. I want to do the same for food.

There are so many backyards and sheds that people could be making a living from. We have proven over the last two years that you can make a living from a backyard, and now I want to help others to replicate what we have done.

The next step is how to hyper-localise our food consumption.

In some ways it is stepping back to older ways of marketing, knocking on our neighbours doors and asking if they would like to buy a weekly veg box from us.

Our initial surveys are suggesting it is going to be very successful, with over 90% of the 264 people who responded saying they would be interested.

This idea aligns strongly with the four current ‘megatrends’ of consumer demand.

  • Health and Wellness,

  • Authentic and Responsible,

  • Sensory and Indulgent and

  • Easy and Convenient.

This is the problem we are aiming to solve with this $10,000: how to make it super easy to choose and consume healthy, luscious, authentic produce.

If we can get 35 of our closest neighbours buy a weekly veg box from us then we have an expandable and scalable business model, one that we can franchise to someone the next neighbourhood over or on the other side of the world.

VEG (1).png